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Save for Your Future Needs

Saving your money never hurts. With a healthy savings account, you’re prepared for anything, whether it’s a planned expense like a vacation, an unexpected expense or making sure you have enough money set aside for retirement. With a savings account, CD or IRA from Peoples Bank of Altenburg, you’re always ready.

Savings Accounts

Saving money is a valuable skill that serves you well throughout your life. Peoples Bank of Altenburg offers a Savings Account to help you save for the future while also giving you enough access that you can take out money when you need it. Our Christmas Club Account helps you save for your holiday shopping throughout the year.

  • Savings Account
    • Takes just $25 to open
    • Earn interest on balances of $60 or higher
    • 18 withdrawals per quarter with no fees
    • Six (6) preauthorized transfers or withdrawals per month
    • Exceeding transfer limits will make your account subject to closure
  • Christmas Club Account
    • No minimum balance requirement to open 
    • Helps save for holiday shopping year-round
    • Interest added to account on last day of activity period
    • Checks for the entire balance of the account mailed in third full week of October

CDs- Help Your Money Grow with Limited Access

For times when you’re saving for something, but you want to make sure you aren’t tempted to use the money, a CD—also known as a Certificate of Deposit—is a great option. CDs at Peoples Bank of Altenburg:

  • Offer strong returns on your initial deposit
  • Offer different term lengths from six months to 60 months
  • Are FDIC Insured
  • Require a minimum balance of $500 to open

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) – A Tool for Long-Term Financial Stability

Start saving for your retirement now with an IRA from Peoples Bank of Altenburg. Contributing to one of our Traditional IRAs or Roth IRAs allows you to use compound interest to make sure you have enough money saved away to enjoy your retirement without having to count pennies.

Please consult your tax adviser to learn about the tax implications that come with each type of IRA. You can speak to a financial service representative at Peoples Bank of Altenburg for more information about the IRAs we offer.

Save With Peoples Bank Today

To find the best saving solution to fit your needs, stop in at one of our offices to speak with a member of our staff about a savings account, CD or IRA.